Robert Moses' Kin

Community Rental Program

Robert Moses' Kin — NEVABAWARLDAPECE (World Premiere)
Choreographed by Robert Moses
Featuring music and text composed and performed live by
Carl Hancock Rux, Corey Harris and Laura Love
Visual Design by Elaine Buckholtz

Friday, January 25, 8:00 pm
Saturday, January 26, 8:00 pm
Sunday, January 27, 8:00 pm

Ticket prices: $25, $35, $50

"A visually delicious beast that never comes short of dazzling the senses"
—The Huffington Post

Artistic Director Robert Moses and his creative team present NEVABAWARLDAPECE, a major collaborative project exploring the personal and cultural groundings of liberation movements from John Brown to today's populist Occupy movement. Choreographed by Moses, NEVABAWARLDAPECE features Obie and BESSIE award-winning writer and performer Carl Hancock Rux; Afro-Celtic, Folk-Funk, Hip-Appalachian vocalist Laura Love; and MacArthur Fellow, blues musician, and composer Corey Harris.

Photo: Norma Fong and Brendan Barthel by RJ Muna.