In/Visible: Women fighting for

YBCA Film & Video

6 pm: Pre-show in the Grand Lobby
(Open to the public)

Lisa Bufano presents an exploration of body movement, performance and film in her new visual and performance work.

7 pm: Screening Room
(Admission required)

Mollena Williams presents a new short interactive film exploring BDSM, race, culture, and emotional reaction to consenting adults engaging in impact play. Vixen Noir presents a multi-media performance and video work that melds poetry/spoken word, singing, burlesque and video projection while exploring Audre Lorde‚Äôs essay and speech The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power. Midori addresses the in/visibility of aging women in Japan by utilizing film and performance. Midori asks you, the viewer: When the Yamamba passes, will you see her? Will you meet her gaze? Dylan Ryan and Rozen Debowe present Tooth&Nail, a short erotic film that thematically deals with the dichotomy of reality and fiction within the context of the sexual mind and mental health. More details »