L'Age d'Or (The Age of Gold)

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Founder of the legendary Cinema 16 film society as well as the New York Film Festival, Amos Vogel died at the age of 91 in April. He is best remembered by some for his seminal book Film as a Subversive Art. This amazing text illustrated the power of cinema to challenge aesthetic, political, sexual, and ideological ideas. In tribute, we present Luis Buñuel’s rarely screened classic L’Age d’Or, co-written by Salvador Dali. Vogel wrote this about the film: “In accord with surrealist ideology, only love—wild, anarchic, irrational love—is acceptable. Everything else is subverted; the rich, the church, the state, the military, as well as those pervasive bourgeois vices of sentimentality and romanticism...” (1930, 63 min, 35mm). Preceded by the unhinged Laurel and Hardy short Big Business, directed by James W. Horne and Leo McCarey (1929, 19 min, 35mm). More details »