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SF Cinematheque Presents: The Illinois Parables by Deborah Stratman
Deborah Stratman appears in person to present The Illinois Parables (2016), a suite of Midwestern parables relaying histories of settlement, removal, technological breakthrough, violence, messianism, and resistance, based on histories of the state of Illinois. Utilizing reenactment, archival footage, observational shooting, inter-titles, and voiceover to tell its stories, the film suggests links between technological and religious abstraction, allowing its histories to become allegories that explore how we’re shaped by conviction and ideology. Also screening is Stratman’s 2014 film Hacked Circuit, an exploration of the thematic parallels between the cinematic art of Foley recordings and the contemporary climate of government surveillance. (total running time 80 min plus post-show Q&A)
Thu 6/29/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room SF Cinematheque Presents: The Illinois Parables by Deborah Stratman

Mali Blues
2018 YBCA Films
Mali Blues
dir. Lutz Gregor
The West African country of Mali is a birthplace of the blues, a musical tradition later carried by the transatlantic slave trade to America’s cotton fields. Yet today, the music and musicians of Mali are in grave danger. As fundamentalist Islam and sharia law become more widespread, dance and secular music are prohibited, musical instruments are destroyed, and musicians are forced to flee their homeland. The film follows four artists—Fatoumata “Fatou” Diawara, Bassekou Kouyaté, Master Soumy, and Ahmed Ag Kaedi—who are using their music to stand up to extremism and inspire tolerance and peace. (2016, 93 min, digital)
Thu 7/6/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room Mali Blues
Sun 7/9/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room Mali Blues

2018 YBCA Films
dir. Jonathan Olshefski
Filmed over a decade with the intimacy of cinema verité, Quest is an epic portrait of a family in north Philadelphia. Christopher “Quest” Rainey, along with his wife Christine’a, aka “Ma Quest,” open the door to their home music studio, which serves as a creative sanctuary from the strife that grips their neighborhood. Over the years, the family evolves as everyday life brings a mix of joy and unexpected crisis. Set against the backdrop (roughly mirroring the Obama presidency) of a country now in turmoil, Quest is an overwhelming testament to love, healing, and hope and one of the most important documentaries of the year. (2017, 105 min, digital)
Thu 7/13/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room Quest
Sun 7/16/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room Quest

Eye and Ear Control: ESP-Disk’ on Film
Guest curated by Brian Belovarac
A selection of short films on the evolution and formation of what came to be called free jazz through the form’s earliest adopting record label, ESP-Disk’. Guest curator Brian Belovarac manages distribution at Janus Films/The Criterion Collection, and has presented programs at the George Eastman Museum, Anthology Film Archives, the Northwest Film Forum, and many other venues.

Atlantic Records introduced the wider marketplace to “free jazz” via Ornette Coleman, but it was the small, New York–based ESP-Disk’ label that documented the subsequent reshaping of the form as it developed throughout the 1960s. ESP released groundbreaking records by artists like Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, Patty Waters, and Sun Ra before ceasing operations in the early 1970s. Revered by musical seekers across the globe—and resented by performers who typically received little to no royalties—ESP is now regarded as one of the most influential record labels of all time. Tonight’s program brings together all of the ESP-associated films produced in the 1960s. To paraphrase the label’s slogan: you’ve never seen such sounds in your life. —Brian Belovarac

New York Eye and Ear Control (dir. Michael Snow, 1964, 34 min, 16mm)
The Fugs (dir. Edward English, 1966, 13 min, 16mm)
Giuseppi Logan (dir. Edward English, 1966, 5 min, 16mm)
The Godz (dir. Jud Yalkut, 1966, 9 min, 16mm)
Spaceways (dir. Edward English, 1968, 18 min, 16mm)
Thu 7/20/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room Eye and Ear Control: ESP-Disk’ on Film
Sun 7/23/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room Eye and Ear Control: ESP-Disk’ on Film

A Life in Waves
2018 YBCA Films
A Life in Waves
dir. Brett Whitcomb
Suzanne Ciani in person for Q&A July 27 screening
A Life in Waves explores the life and innovations of composer and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani. If you watched television, went to the movies, or listened to the radio in the 1980s and 1990s, you’ve heard Ciani’s work, whether you knew it or not. From her earliest days learning the piano, to her multimillion-dollar advertising ventures, to her recent reconnection with her beloved Buchla synthesizer, the film is a deep dive into the life and work of America’s first female synth hero. (2017, 75 min, digital)
Thu 7/27/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room A Life in Waves
Sun 7/30/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room A Life in Waves

Raving Iran
2018 YBCA Films
Raving Iran
dir. Susanne Regina Meures
Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and frustrated with their stagnating careers, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert. Back in Tehran they try their luck selling their illegally printed records with minimal success. When Anoosh is arrested, there seems to be no hope left. But then they receive a phone call from the biggest techno festival in the world . . . (2016, 84 min, digital)

Raving Iran is as lean and tight as the dance music created by its protagonists . . . a black comedy of errors.” —Evil Genius
Thu 8/3/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room Raving Iran
Sun 8/6/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room Raving Iran

Tokyo Idols
2018 YBCA Films
Tokyo Idols
dir. Kyoko Miyake
Girl bands permeate Japanese life. This provocative film gets at the heart of a cultural phenomenon driven by obsession with young female sexuality and Internet popularity. The story is told through Rio, a bona-fide “Tokyo idol,” who takes us on her journey to fame. We meet her “brothers,” a group of adult male superfans who devote their lives to following her, even quitting their jobs to pursue their fixation full time. Tokyo Idols is a high-energy look at the Japanese pop music industry and its complex gender power dynamics. (2017, 88 min, digital)
Thu 8/10/17 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room Tokyo Idols
Sun 8/13/17 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room Tokyo Idols

Thu 9/14/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program A: Embodiment Project & Jesse Hewit
Fri 9/22/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program A: Embodiment Project & Jesse Hewit

2018 YBCA Performance
Program B: RAWdance & Fauxnique
Fri 9/15/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program B: RAWdance & Fauxnique
Sat 9/23/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program B: RAWdance & Fauxnique

Sat 9/16/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program C: Amy Seiwert & Larry Arrington, Sandra Lawson Ndu, Minoosh Zomorodinia & Fogbeast
Thu 9/21/17 8:00PM YBCA Forum Program C: Amy Seiwert & Larry Arrington, Sandra Lawson Ndu, Minoosh Zomorodinia & Fogbeast

2018 YBCA Pedagogy
YBCA 100 Summit
Sat 10/28/17 12:30PM YBCA YBCA 100 Summit: Session 1
Sat 10/28/17 3:00PM YBCA YBCA 100 Summit: Session 2
Sat 10/28/17 5:30PM YBCA YBCA 100 Summit: Session 3