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Kara Herold Presents: An Evening of Films & Storytelling by Women Artists
YBCA Film/Video is delighted to welcome filmmaker/educator Kara Herold back to the screening room for a fun and lively multimedia event to kick off the crowdsourcing campaign for her new film 39 ½. Herold has assembled a program of films and live storytelling mainly by women artists from the Bay Area, and the program will include a preview of 39 ½. A reception with Herold and some of the artists precedes the screening at 6:30PM.

Free admission, though a donation during the event is heartily encouraged.

Futurefarmers: Out of Place, in Place — Opening Night Party
Celebrate the opening of Futurefarmers: Out of Place, in Place, which surveys the group’s practice to date and presents YBCA's new commissioned live project for a “speculative fog-harvesting machine.” The night features music by DJ Primo, named one of San Francisco’s “preeminent soul men,” as well as a special performance by San Francisco’s Hazy Loper, who will respond to Futurefarmers’ work in the first-floor galleries. Engage with the themes of the exhibition by making an origami paper boat and sailing it in our Bamboo Courtyard, or eating fog from our cotton candy machine. Drinks will be available for purchase.

Futurefarmers: Out of Place, in Place
Founded in 1995 in San Francisco, the internationally renowned Futurefarmers group takes a collective, playful, inquiry-based approach to art making that spans multiple disciplines and ways of inhabiting the world, from sailing and farming to environmental design and DIY scientific experimentation. Their imaginative, environmentally conscious projects provoke audiences to question the many ways that humans try to control nature, or imagine themselves as separate from it. Their work can be described as social sculpture, a type of making that activates art’s potential to change society. Futurefarmers: Out of Place, in Place surveys their practice to date, and includes what they call a new “speculative fog-harvesting machine,” a live project to be constructed and activated over the course of the exhibition. This exhibition is part of YBCA’s ongoing Changing the Ratio initiative. Through 2019, more than 70 percent of YBCA’s planned exhibitions are solo shows featuring the work of female artists.

Zama — Director Lucrecia Martel In Person
dir. Lucrecia Martel
After nearly a decade, the elusive Argentine director Lucrecia Martel returns with the masterpiece Zama. Martel’s earlier films, such as The Headless Woman and La Ciénaga, hypnotized and confounded audiences and critics alike. This visionary of Latin American cinema has always been more concerned with creating an experience than telling a story, and Zama is no exception. It depicts the steady descent into madness of an officer of the Spanish crown in eighteenth-century South America. It’s a harsh (though occasionally comedic) critique of colonialism, and its violence and racism. It is also a sophisticated experiment in breaking down linear time, with dazzling visuals and an uncanny attention to the relation of sound and image. Zama is like nothing you’ve ever seen. (2017, 115 min, digital)

Screening will be followed by a discussion with the director.

Following its rapturous world premiere at the New York Film Festival, YBCA is thrilled to present the local premiere of Cielo. The film is a cinematic reverie on the intense beauty of the night sky as experienced in the Atacama Desert, Chile, one of the best places on our planet to explore and contemplate its splendor. This sublime nonfiction film drifts between science and spirituality, arid land, desert shores, and lush galaxies, expanding the limits of our earthling imaginations. Cielo transports us to a space, quiet and calm, from which we can ponder the infinite and the unknown. (2017, 77 min, digital)

Articulate with Jim Cotter — LIVE! Jim Cotter in conversation with Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Join a special live presentation of the Emmy award-winning public TV show Articulate with Jim Cotter. Host Jim Cotter will lead a wide-ranging and intimate conversation with renowned artist, poet, and curator Marc Bamuthi Joseph. At this intimate event, they'll explore the stories and works that have shaped Mr. Joseph's life and his art.

Articulate with Jim Cotter is a nationally syndicated TV show that explores how creative thinkers help shape our understanding of the world. It's third season will air in Fall 2018. Marc Bamuthi Joseph is currently YBCA's Chief of Program and Pedagogy and a TED Global Fellow. He recently served as librettist for the critically acclaimed opera We Shall Not Be Moved.

New French Cinema: Lover For a Day
Making its San Francisco theatrical premiere, Philippe Garrel’s Lover For A Day was originally showcased at the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, and was an official selection of the 2017 New York Film Festival. Expanding upon his prior films, Jealousy and In the Shadow of Women, Garrel offers up a meditation on love and fidelity that channels the voice of a younger generation. Lover for a Day stars Garrel’s daughter—rising star Esther Garrel (Call Me by Your Name)—whose character returns home after a devastating breakup to find her father living with a new girlfriend her own age. (2017, 76 min, digital)

Futurefarmers: See Level
A selection of short films captures the poetics of the bay through the ephemera of fog, maritime traffic, tidal dynamics, and interdependent ecologies, revealing the fluctuating history, precarious future, and the abstract beauty of our waterways. Films include Light Year by Paul Clipson (2013, 10 min), A Cinematic Study of the Fog in San Francisco by Sam Green and Andy Black (2012, 10 min), and more to be announced.

The Bay View Boat Club is located at 489 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158.

This program is produced in collaboration with Liz Keim, Director of Cinema Arts and Senior Curator at the Exploratorium; Sam Sharkey, Curator of Cinema Arts for the Exploratorium; and Alison Sant, co-founder and partner, Studio for Urban Projects.

Okwui Okpokwasili — Poor People’s TV Room
Bessie Award–winning artist Okwui Okpokwasili integrates movement, song, text, and visual imagery in Poor People’s TV Room, giving voice to the oppressed while shedding light on women’s enduring power. Inspired by Nigerian political history, the performance integrates the buried narratives of women in the country and resonates with present actions and political resistance throughout the world. The work was inspired by two historic incidents in Nigeria: the Women’s War of 1929, a resistance movement against British colonial powers; and the Boko Haram kidnappings of more than three hundred girls, which launched the Bring Back Our Girls movement. Women were central to these campaigns, and have played essential and powerful roles in Nigeria’s independence. Poor People’s TV Room envelops the viewer in a multidimensional world to look at issues of gender, culture, identity, and women’s strength, where the past is alive and unleashed in the present.

DJ Spooky / Printz Dance Project — Double Bill
Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky
Arctic Rhythms

Experience the polar regions as never before through the eclectic artistry of composer, author, musician, and 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky. Revered in the hip-hop world as a master turntablist, DJ Spooky has undertaken expeditions to Antarctica to explore the impact of climate change and create acoustic portraits of the rapidly changing continent. Arctic Rhythms resulted from a 2014 trip to the Arctic Circle sponsored by the Sierra Club. In this performance, DJ Spooky projects images of the arctic landscape onstage and juxtaposes them with live and recorded hip-hop, electronic, and minimalist music. He will be accompanied by the popular San Francisco-based Del Sol String Quartet.

Stacey Printz / Printz Dance Project

How does the new social-media-driven reality affect partnerships, friendships, and love? What does voyeurism do to human interactions? How do we create true intimacy and make personal imprints on one another if there is always a swath of plastic between us? Printz Dance Project’s GLASSlands invites audiences to engage with a transparent, inflatable world envisioned by choreographer/director Stacey Printz and set designer Sean Riley. The set pieces are large pod-like structures, or “bubble rooms,” a plastic world that dancers populate and explore. Audiences become voyeurs as they watch vignettes unfold, witnessing what happens when two dancers duet without being able to touch, or when dancers in different pods attempt to “communicate” through the veil of these clear igloo-like structures. In exploring our obstructed attempts at authentic communication, GLASSlands uses dance as a conduit for deepening interpersonal relationships and compassion for our similarities and differences, making way for tangible change.

Mark de Clive-Lowe — A Journey Beyond
Equal parts pianist, composer, and live production wizard, Mark de Clive-Lowe casually erases the lines between genres and eras. He juggles piano, synths, live sampling, and beat making all on the fly, and brings them to life with a casual ease, whether he’s remixing classic Blue Note Records in real time, collaborating onstage with other renowned musicians and artists, or creating live soundtracks to classic film material. For this special presentation, de Clive-Lowe brings together his eclectic vision, global perspective, and special collaborations in a unique performance process, demonstrating what can manifest when worlds collide with open ears, hearts, and minds.

jessica Care moore’s Black WOMEN Rock! — A Tribute to Betty Davis
This tribute to pioneer rocker Betty Davis features some of the most progressive vocalists and women musicians in the country. Black WOMEN Rock! seeks to empower young women instrumentalists, vocalists, and poets to tell their stories on their own terms and inspire future generations of Black women rockers. Acclaimed performer and poet jessica Care moore brings her popular Detroit-based production of Black WOMEN Rock! to San Francisco. This multigenerational fourteen-year-old concert brings together more than twenty of the most exciting Black women rock instrumentalists and vocalists in the country, celebrating their contributions to the genre.

Transformed: Short Films Inspired by Transform
This program of bold, radical new shorts was curated by YBCA’s Film/Video department to extend Transform’s overarching theme to the big screen. These films deal with the power of community, anxiety in modern life, belonging, loss, and much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover five cutting-edge filmmakers.

The Burden (Min Börda) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (2017, 14 min)
Onward Lossless Follows by Michael Robinson (2017, 17 min)
Oh Hi Anne by Anne McGuire (2017, 9 min)
Ears, Nose and Throat by Kevin Jerome Everson (2016, 10 min)
Dislocation Blues by Sky Hopinka (2017, 17 min)
Total running time: 67 mins

Campo Santo — Casa de Spirits directed by Roger Guenveur Smith
Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor, writer, and director Roger Guenveur Smith (A Huey P. Newton Story, Frederick Douglass Now) teams up with San Francisco–based performance group Campo Santo to direct the world premiere of their new performance piece, Casa de Spirits. This multidisciplinary work follows a group of people through their interactions with liquor stores in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, unearthing local histories by mixing stories from liquor store life, tales through the decades of the neighborhood, and the Book of Revelation. It is an exploration of what the community has survived and what it will see after another chapter of massive changes. This must-see collaboration expands on Guenveur Smith’s stunning body of work creating living history pieces, often as solo performance creations, this time imagined for a diversely talented cast of Campo Santo actors.

Capacitor — Left to Her Own Devices: 20 years of Sculpture in Motion
Celebrating the company’s twenty-year anniversary, Left to Her Own Devices: 20 years of Sculpture in Motion is a distillation of all of Capacitor’s work to date, focusing on physical structures—which have essentially been oppressive problems for the performers to overcome—to explore the theme of liberation. Capacitor is a dance, cirque, and sculpture company founded by artistic director Jodi Lomask, whose work often engages scientists to create performances and installations about the natural world. The company’s visually stunning experiences are delivered by athletic dancers, acrobats, aerialists, and contortionists on abstract structures Lomask designs out of steel, bungee, fiberglass, and wood. Her choreography unites unique characters with distinctive movement.

Lars Jan / Early Morning Opera — The Institute of Memory (TIMe)
Featuring archival wiretapped transcriptions, the missives of Communist spies, X-rays, and MRI brain scans, The Institute of Memory conjures a portrait of Lars Jan’s enigmatic father, a Cold War operative whose fascinating story prompts questions about privacy, memory, and fatherhood. The piece is both disturbingly abstract and uniquely personal, for instance involving laser scans of several actual environments where Jan spent time with his father as a child. It follows two men who play with the past in the glow of a kinetic light sculpture signaling keystrokes from a hacked 1950s typewriter. Jan directs Early Morning Opera, a performance and art lab integrating emerging technologies, live audiences, and unclassifiable experience.

Gimme Shelter
dir. Albert Maysles, David Maysles & Charlotte Zwerin
The greatest and scariest rock film ever made, Gimme Shelter follows the Rolling Stones on their ill-fated 1969 tour. When three hundred thousand members of the Love Generation collided with a few dozen Hells Angels at the Altamont Speedway outside of San Francisco, the filmmakers were there to immortalize the chaos that transformed a decade’s dreams into disillusionment (1970, 91 min, digital).

Preceded by Kenneth Anger’s satanic, shot-in-SF short Invocation of My Demon Brother, with soundtrack by Mick Jagger (1969, 11 min, 16mm)

Patty Hearst
dir. Paul Schrader
This paranoid satire of radical chic and the aftermath of the 60s stars Natasha Richardson as the notorious Hearst Corp. heiress. Kidnapped by the extreme left-wing Symbionese Liberation Army, Hearst’s path from UC-Berkeley rich kid to armed revolutionary electrified the nation. Not popular upon its original release, the film has become strangely relevant to the present day. Don’t miss this rare screening of a stylish, unjustly neglected work from the screenwriter of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. (1988, 108 min, 35mm).

Preceded by vintage reports on the “Zebra murders,” racially-motivated killings which terrified SF from late 1973 to early 1974.

Double-feature — The Zodiac Killer / The Sacrament
This double-feature showcases a wild low-budget movie made to capture the Zodiac Killer and a slow-burn reimagining of the Jonestown tragedy.

The Zodiac Killer

dir. Tom Hanson
To contrast with David Fincher’s 2007 masterpiece Zodiac (screening May 27), we present this fast-paced, extremely cheap, and entertaining version of the same story from 1971. The producer-director of this exploitation film was a Northern California pizza restaurateur who set elaborate traps in the lobbies of the theaters where it played hoping to capture the Zodiac Killer. (1971, 87 min, digital)

Preceded by vintage 35mm trailers for Guyana: Cult of the Damned (1979) and Slaughter in San Francisco (1974).

The Sacrament

dir. Ti West
The 1978 massacre of more than nine hundred members of San Francisco’s Peoples Temple shocked the world. Inspired and haunted by this incident, director Ti West tells the story of two Vice journalists who set out to document their friend’s journey to reunite with his estranged sister. They track her to a remote location, where they are welcomed into the world of Eden Parish, a rural utopia overseen by a mysterious leader known only as “Father.” But this paradise may not be what it seems… (2013, 99 min, digital)

Preceded by Peoples Temple home movies.

dir. David Fincher
Director David Fincher (Se7en, The Social Network) conducted his own eighteen-month investigation of the Zodiac killer’s reign of terror before making this vivid and absorbing dramatization. A fine cast (including Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo) helped Fincher meticulously recreate San Francisco during this period, resulting in one of this century’s greatest Hollywood movies. (2007, 162 min, 35mm)

San Francisco Boys Chorus 70th Anniversary Concert featuring Leah Crocetto
Join the San Francisco Boys Chorus with Artistic Director Ian Robertson and celebrated opera superstar Leah Crocetto to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this internationally recognized performing arts and Grammy-award winning ensemble in a special performance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in downtown San Francisco. With YBCA Theater’s state of the art lighting and sound, the concert will be an exciting and unforgettable evening featuring young singers from all our choral groups. Enjoy traditional and world songs performed by our “choirs of angels” to mark this exciting milestone in SFBC history. Recent press has described SFBC’s singing as having “memorable clarity” with “secure flexibility and eloquent lyricism.” The San Francisco Chronicle has referred to the group as “exemplary.”

Guest artist, American soprano Leah Crocetto has been described by the New York Times as possessing an “agile coloratura technique and a feeling for the Italianate style… with warmth, full penetrating sound and tenderness.” Ms. Crocetto continues to astonish audiences with her moving portrayals of opera’s greatest heroines.

The theater, designed by James Polshek and Todd Schliemann, houses YBCA’s world-class stage as well as production offices. Buy your tickets early for this not-to-be missed choral event in the Bay Area music calendar. Meet and mingle with the artists at an informal reception right after the performance.

The mission of the San Francisco Boys Chorus is to provide music education, vocal training, and performance experience at the highest artistic level to boys from all cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

A Talk with Florian Idenburg and Neeraj Bhatia
Join us for this special program as part of our second floor gallery exhibition, The Open Workshop: New Investigations In Collective Form. Neeraj Bhatia of The Open Workshop and Florian Idenburg of the firm SO-IL will present on Umberto Eco’s The Open Work, an influential text for both firms.

* Ticket price includes gallery admission.