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All upcoming events available for online sales are listed below by calendar date. These listings include performances and events presented by YBCA as well as our Community Rental partners.

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Tania Bruguera: Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder
Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder is a survey exhibition that presents all of Bruguera’s long-term, socially engaged art projects to date. Bruguera works at the intersection of activism and performance art to address structures of power, devise new utopian models of authority, and create alternative structures that aim to transform and redistribute power. This has resulted in long-term art projects that take the form of social movements, newspapers, and schools—and even Bruguera’s own provocative self-nomination for the 2018 Cuban presidential election, a gesture meant to invite others to do the same. Time and again, she proves that systems of power can be reimagined, changed, and made more inclusive and democratic.

As part of the exhibition, the artist will also open a school in YBCA’s galleries. The Escuela de Arte Útil will convene weekly classes, taught by Bruguera and other prominent artist-educators, on topics such as systems of power and creative dissent. Members of the public are welcome to attend classes on a drop-in basis with their gallery admission.

Palm Beach
dir. Albie Thoms
“Three loosely-connected stories from the beachside underbelly—surfing mates trying to score drugs to sell; a teenage runaway shacking up with a mysterious American; and an out-of-work surfer dependent on his girlfriend for support. Shot in the ‘jewel’ of Sydney’s Northern Beaches over the sunny summer of 1978, the film’s episodic narrative is radically undercut by an innovative sound montage. Overlapping scene dialogue and layered audio from commercial radio and television broadcasts create an at-times parodic critique of both beach-obsessed Australian society and the conventions of narrative cinema.” —Anthology Film Archives (1980, 35mm, 88 min).

Preceded by the short Bluto, directed by Albie Thoms, which exemplifies experimental cinema’s spontaneous handmade film tradition (1967, 16mm, 15 min).

Archival prints courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The Endless Summer
dir. Bruce Brown
For many, The Endless Summer is the best-known and most important surf movie of all time. Bruce Brown’s iconic documentary takes young West Coast surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August on an epic around-the-world jaunt to the coasts of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Hawaii as they seek the perfect wave. (1966, 35mm, 95 min)

Special thanks: Steph Carter and Sean Bridgeman of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Albert Fazon, George Greenough, Scott Welsh, David Elfick, and Harold “Wardie” Ward.

FutureScapes: Creating Visionary Landscapes for All Communities
Mobilize the Immigrant Vote and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts are hosting a half-day workshop, FutureScapes: Creating Visionary Landscapes for All Communities, to envision freedom cities as expanded sanctuary, and devise artistic and cultural interventions for all our communities. We invite organizers, artists, and community members to explore new ways of participating in our current systems through creativity and imagination.

dir. Greg Zglinski
We are thrilled to present this totally unhinged new art-shocker, which combines malevolent marital drama, bitter black comedy, and overwhelmingly surreal horror. A collision with a sheep on a country road initiates a series of unsettling experiences for a young married couple. Slowly they become incapable of knowing exactly where they are: in the real world? in their own minds? Or could they be characters in someone else’s imagination? (2017, 95 min, digital)

“A sense-scrambling trip into the Twilight Zone. . . . Animals was one of the guilty-pleasure fringe delights at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.” —Hollywood Reporter

Shocking Shorts!
Vintage and modern experimental shorts, spanning almost a century. This sinister lineup will be (mostly) shown on 16mm film.

Pre-show: Witch’s Cradle, dir. Maya Deren (unfinished) (1944, silent, 12 min)
Scary Movie, dir. Peggy Ahwesh (1993, 8 min)
Ophelia/The Cat Lady, dir. Tom Chomont (1969, 3 min)
The Fall of the House of Usher, dir. James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber (1928, 13 min)
Master of Ceremonies, dir. Chris Sullivan (1987, 9 min)
Kostnice, dir. Jan Svankmajer (1970, 10 min)
Carol Anne Is Dead, dir. Michael Robinson (1992/2008, 7 min)
On the Edge, dir. Curtis Harrington (1949, 6 min)
Organics, dir. Dietmar Brehm (1998/1999, 18 min)

YBCA 100 Summit
The Summit takes you on a provocative exploration of culture, politics, truth, and equity. Through talks and performances, YBCA 100 honorees share the urgent questions that drive their work. In turn, we create space and time for YOU to respond to these questions and engage in dialogue with our honorees and each other. Not in the mood for conversation? Feel free to simply soak in the inspiration, knowledge, and energy of the day!

What is the YBCA 100 list?
The YBCA 100 is an annual compilation of the 100 people, organizations, and movements that inspire us most. It celebrates the creative leaders and provocateurs who are using their platform to create cultural movement.

dir. Pere Portabella
Filmed on the set of Jess Franco’s 1970 cult film Count Dracula starring Christopher Lee, Vampir-Cuadecuc mixes making-of footage with an investigation of the figure of the vampire. Both playful and deadly serious, the film asks us to consider the undead as a stand-in for both General Francisco Franco, the bloodthirsty avatar of a fascism that won’t die, and cinema, the art that reanimates the dead. (1971, 66 min, digital)

Preceded by: Sarah Winchester, Ghost Opera. This short from master Bertrand Bonello (Saint Laurent, Nocturama) tells the story of an opera company that finds itself strangely haunted as it stages the story of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune who was driven insane by unseen forces. (2016, 24 min, digital)

A British journalist falls hard for the American singer in a Weimar-era German nightclub, and their relationship blossoms even as the Nazi party rises to power around them. The smash Broadway musical becomes even darker in Fosse’s earthy adaptation, which is more timely than ever. Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey won Academy Awards for their performances, with Fosse also winning Best Director. (1972, 124 min, 35mm)

“I think it’s absolutely the cautionary film of the year.” Joel Grey in Vanity Fair, February 2017

Light Moves Like Sound Waves: Lynne Sachs & Stephen Vitiello program one: Lynne Sachs’ Tip of My Tongue
Filmmaker Lynne Sachs and Sound Artist Stephen Vitiello In Person

In the personal documentaries of Lynne Sachs, individual experiences and mindful reflection sit in graceful relation to global events and the magnitude of world histories. Created on the occasion of her fiftieth birthday, Sachs’ Tip of My Tongue (2017) opens space for intimate reflection as it convenes a coterie of the filmmaker’s New York City peers for intimate personal musings on the last five decades of life on earth. Through a gentle collage of sounds, voices, lushly rendered cinematography and evocative archival footage, Tip of My Tongue models interpersonal connection and listening warmth as bolster against the ever darkening days.

Sweet Charity
Spun from a stage musical also directed and choreographed by Fosse, Sweet Charity stars a winsome Shirley MacLaine as a dance-hall hostess looking for love. Fosse fought with the producers to retain the gritty texture of both the play and the original Italian film (Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria). Check out this cast: Sammy Davis Jr., Ricardo Montalbán, Chita Rivera, Toni Basil, and Bud Cort as a hippie. With splashy, wild dance numbers and extraordinary cinematic effects that make the camera one of the dancers, the film is both highly entertaining and one of the sleaziest G-rated movies ever made. (1969, 149 min, 35mm)

Hosted by Will Braden

Watch the best internet cat videos on YBCA’s big screen! CatVideoFest 2017 will feature 80 minutes of footage of your favorite internet felines and will be presented in the YBCA Theater. Arrive early to partake in cat-themed activities and stay afterward for our Happy Meow-hour! CatVideoFest is founded by filmmaker Will Braden, creator of YouTube sensation Henri, le Chat Noir and curator of the popular Internet Cat Video Festival. (2017, 80 min, digital)

A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

LINES Ballet Fall Season
In celebration of Alonzo King LINES Ballet's thirty-five years of groundbreaking art-making in the SF Bay Area and and around the world, Alonzo King and Lisa Fischer will team up for the return of The Propelled Heart at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater November 15-19 for six performances only. This highly acclaimed collaboration premiered to record-breaking audiences in 2015 and this return season promises to sell quickly.

“Lisa Fischer is a brilliant artist with a fully throbbing heart and expansive mind. She is an inspiration of sound, body, and being.” —Alonzo King

Called "a phenomenal powerhouse" by The New York Times, Grammy Award-winning vocalist Ms. Lisa Fischer has shared the stage with musical luminaries of nearly every genre, including Mick Jagger, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Beyoncé and Sting. In The Propelled Heart Ms. Fischer joins the dancers of LINES Ballet in a collaboration which achieves "rock star status" (San Francisco Classical Voice) as they pay tribute to the power of song. The piece is a voyage in which King explores the kinetics of the human voice, revealing the communicative potential of the body as an instrument, and also as a vocal chord.

SF Cinematheque presents: Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley
Presented in association with Canyon Cinema Foundation

Curated and Introduced by Tanya Zimbardo

As friends in Marin County, Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley made films in the 1960s that foregrounded their personal experiences. Featuring original soundtracks, these collaborative and solo films explore the poetics of everyday life, from portraits of motherhood to close studies of various bodies. Nelson, who is now based in Sweden, and Wiley were among the earliest members of the cooperative Canyon Cinema. This screening is presented as part of a multi-venue series considering their pioneering filmmaking and milieu. SCREENING: My Name is Oona (1969, Nelson), Miss Jesus Fries on Grill (1973, Wiley), the collaborative Fog Pumas (1967) and more.

All That Jazz
A work of genius and one of the greatest films of the 1970s. Roy Scheider is sensational as Joe Gideon, a workaholic womanizing choreographer (loosely but clearly modeled on Fosse himself) whose unhealthy habits threaten to take a lethal toll, even as his vision approaches perfection. This passionate and spectacularly hard-edged meditation on life, art, and death is Fosse’s most personal work, and won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. (1979, 123 min, 35mm)

Velveteen Rabbit
ODC/Dance enlivens Margery Williams’ classic tale of a well-worn nursery rabbit that becomes real. Told through music, dance, and a powerful narrative, The Velveteen Rabbit celebrates the unique relationship between a little boy and his stuffed rabbit, and the enduring power of love.

Brimming with wit, festive costumes, madcap characters, and the perfect amount of holiday cheer, ODC/Dance, one of America’s most exciting and acclaimed contemporary dance companies, returns to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to present this one of a kind Bay Area production.

"a two-act fantasy that should appeal to children and their grown-up companions alike." —The New York Times

Milk and Cookies Party
For a special treat, join the dancers for a Milk and Cookies Party after the Sunday, November 26th performance. We’ll have dancing, games, prizes, and a whole lot of cookies and treats! Tickets to our Milk and Cookies Party are limited and sell out quickly. Purchase your party ticket today.

British Arrows Awards 2017
From high-tech extravaganzas to wacky comedy, the British Arrows Awards showcase the most innovative and daring type of filmmaking—commercials! With only moments apiece to captivate their audiences, these UK commercials include outstanding performances by children, animals, and A-list celebrities. New this year: a selection of winners from the “craft” category, celebrating outstanding technical achievements. (2017, 75 min, digital)

SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band presents the Dance-Along Nutcracker®
Join the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band for the 32nd Annual Dance-Along Nutcracker® on December 9th & 10th! One of San Francisco’s most celebrated events, this year’s show — Nutcrackers of the Caribbean — is a Pirate Party that’s perfect for Jack Sparrow and the whole family.

Each year the SFLGFB selects a theme to blend with Tchaikovsky’s classic Nutcracker Suite. The result? A fun-filled musical production brimming with wit, artistry and ingenuity. For select songs, a large flashing “Dance-Along” sign signals the audience to tug their tutus on and pour onto the dance floor to pirouette beneath the spotlights with the cast.

The Dance-Along Nutcracker® is a casual, joyful and inviting show (no formal dress code or dance experience required); yet more importantly, it is an event and a celebration where truly no barriers exist; be it age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity — or even talent. As a result, the Dance-Along Nutcracker® has become a holiday favorite for families, couples and singles of ALL sexual orientations and gender identities.

Compared to ticket prices for other Nutcracker performances in town, this “Dance-Along” Nutcracker is surprisingly affordable. Student and senior discounts are also available. Tickets purchased in groups of six (or more) will receive two perks - preferred seating and a free tutu rental (per attendee)! SFLGFB believes in the power of music to bridge communities. SFLGFB’s goal is to deliver a powerful core message of equality, diversity and inclusion. The Dance-Along Nutcracker® embodies SFLGFB’s belief that the joy and magic of music and dance removes differences and dissolves barriers; it strengthens unity, cooperation, celebration and is hysterically FUN!

Get your tickets to the Nutcrackers of the Caribbean today — we’ll see you there!

Philadelphia was the first movie to address the AIDS epidemic and institutional homophobia for a mainstream audience. Tom Hanks took home the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Andrew Beckett, a lawyer who sues when his employers dismiss him after he’s diagnosed with AIDS. Denzel Washington is equally strong as the sole attorney willing to represent Beckett. They lead an incredible cast that includes Antonio Banderas, Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Anna Deavere Smith, and Joanne Woodward. (1993, 126 min, 35mm)

Storefront Hitchcock
Jonathan Demme’s rarely screened opus captures singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock in an intimate and engaging performance in a derelict New York shopfront. Hitchcock’s dark, off-kilter wit is very much in evidence, and the songs are boosted by Demme’s minimal but breathtaking cinematic flourishes. A must-see for Hitchcock fans; if you’re not one, this upbeat and endlessly charming film will make you one. Happy holidays. (1998, 77 minutes, 35mm)

The Gondoliers
Due to a mix-up during infancy, a pair of handsome Venetian Gondoliers have, much to their delight, suddenly become kings! Their brand new wives aren’t quite so pleased though, once they find out that the rightful king is also married by proxy to Casilda, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro! Only one pair can be the rightful rulers but, until the identity of the true monarch can be established, the boys must share the royal duties. Being idealists, they really don’t mind! Set by the sun-dappled, lazy waters of the Grand Canal, the singing Gondolieri and Contadine, and the “Cachucha” danced at the Royal Court at Barataria, make The Gondoliers an exuberant, happy valentine, wrapped in some of Sullivan’s most tuneful music and tied with one of Gilbert’s most fanciful libretti. Within this joyful opera Gilbert ingeniously skewers issues of social equality and the class system with his usual brilliant wit and groundbreaking lyrics alongside Sullivan’s lovely, lilting score.

“a hilarious island of sunshine” —The Mercury News

San Francisco Performances presents Company Wayne McGregor: Autobiography
British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s exhilarating company returns to SF Performances with a new work being developed in McGregor’s signature process that fuses dance, art, philosophy, science, technology and current events for a deeper look at how movement embodies much more than movement. The piece is called Autobiography and is inspired in part by McGregor’s own DNA. London’s Financial Times asserts that McGregor is, “A pioneer in exploiting the links between his art and the scientific developments that have revolutionized 21st-century life.”