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Stations of the Elevated

Newly rediscovered and restored to high definition, this earliest filmed document of graffiti sets images of New York to a soundtrack that interweaves ambient city noises with the gutbucket gospel squall of Charles Mingus. With lyrical shots of tagged trains, desolate rail yards, and other details of the urban landscape, it remains a priceless portrait of a quintessentially urban art form. (1981, 45 min, digital) Preceded by the director’s short film Claw. (1968, 30 min, digital) More details »

Thu 4/23/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Migrating Kitchens, Migrating Cultures

This panel, co-organized by YBCA and Art Practical, brings together notable Bay Area chefs, members of their staffs, and food writers for a conversation about the apparent, subtle, and unacknowledged ways in which restaurant menus reflect stories and patterns of migration. More details »

Fri 4/24/15 6:30PM YBCA Screening Room

The Grand Duke

In this ultimate topsy-turvy farce, Gilbert presents a world turned upside-down when a theatrical troupe deposes the ruler of a tiny European Duchy and proceeds to squabble over which “role” in the government each leading actor should “play,” with uproarious unforeseen consequences. Sullivan's varied and original score includes an astonishing variety of musical styles, from Viennese waltz to uproarious Parisian can-can dance numbers. This Jewel Box Production promises to be a must-see event for Gilbert & Sullivan aficionados and lovers of comic musical theatre alike.

Full details at or 415-227-4797.

Photo: Joanne Kay

Sat 4/25/15 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sun 4/26/15 2:00PM YBCA Theater

Double Feature: The Searchers / Winchester '73

The Searchers
by John Ford
2 PM

“Every time I watch it — and I've seen it many, many times since its first run in 1956 — it haunts and troubles me. The character of Ethan Edwards is one of the most unsettling in American cinema." —Martin Scorsese

"One of my American western heroes is not John Ford, obviously. To say the least, I hate him." —Quentin Tarantino

John Wayne and John Ford forged The Searchers into an indelible portrait of the frontier and the men and women who challenged it. Wayne plays ex-Confederate soldier Ethan Edwards, who believes more in bullets than in words. He's seeking his niece, who has been captured by Comanches who massacred his family. He won't surrender to hunger, thirst, the elements, or loneliness. And in his obsessive, five-year quest, Ethan encounters something he didn't expect to find: his own humanity. (1956, 119 min, 35mm)

Winchester ‘73
by Anthony Mann
4:30 PM

A cowboy's obsession with a stolen rifle leads to a bullet-ridden odyssey through the American West. The ingenious premise follows a Winchester rifle being passed between a drifter seeking revenge (Jimmy Stewart), an Indian trader, an Indian chief (Rock Hudson), an outlaw, and a bank robber. Winchester ‘73 unites the western, film noir, and Greek tragedy. (1950, 92 min, 35mm)

More details »

Sun 4/26/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

Gamelan Sekar Jaya in association with YBCA 35th Anniversary Festival

Gamelan Sekar Jaya celebrates its 35th anniversary with a program of traditional and new Indonesian gamelan percussion and dance, as well as a world premiere by guest performers the Lightbulb Ensemble. The performance reflects the range and depth of Bali’s performing arts practice, which stretches back centuries but continues to evolve and cross-fertilize with forms within Bali and from distant shores — including the Bay Area. Come early to catch the Pre-Show Performances in the Grand Lobby and Plaza (7:15 PM, FREE) before the ticketed program begins at 8 PM in the Forum. More details »

Fri 5/1/15 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Sat 5/2/15 8:00PM YBCA Forum

Hoop Dreams

Presented in a brand-new high-definition digital restoration, Hoop Dreams is an epic chronicle of hope and faith as two, ordinary, inner city Chicago kids dare to reach for the impossible. Digital restoration by the Academy Film Archive, the Sundance Film Institute, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. (1994, 172 min, DCP) More details »

Sat 5/9/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 5/10/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

From Deep

This painstakingly researched combination of video essay and mixtape surveys basketball’s shifting place in 20th century American history and culture. The film covers the evolution of basketball from its indoor New England roots, to a Midwestern small town phenomenon, to an outdoor city game, with particular emphasis on its merger with hip-hop in the mid-80s and the rise of Michael Jordan as the world's first corporate branded athlete. (2014, 88 min, digital) More details »

Thu 5/14/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Robert Moses' Kin

Robert Moses’ Kin presents the world premiere of SILT for the company’s 20th Annual San Francisco Season. “SILT is a dance of relationships," says Moses. "The silt of our shared racial, social and economic histories, which exist alongside emotional sediment — when seeded, this silt creates new life and exposes our known and unknown influence in others lives.” In addition to the original choreographic material for SILT, Moses is mining his repertory of over 100 works created within the last 20 years for excerpts to include in this multi-dimensional evening. By re-examining his extensive repertory, the artist is asking himself the very question at the heart of SILT:

What has built up? What belongs? And what is unwanted residue?

The music for SILT is composed by Michael Manring and Robert Moses.

More details »

Thu 5/14/15 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Fri 5/15/15 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Sat 5/16/15 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Sun 5/17/15 2:00PM YBCA Forum

Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC

In New York City, pick-up basketball is not just a sport. It’s a way of life. There are 700+ outdoor courts, and an estimated 500,000 players, the most loyal of which approach the game as a religion, and the playground as their church. (2012, 85 min, digital)  More details »

Sun 5/17/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

The Island of St. Matthews

Kevin Jermone Everson appears in person to present The Island of St. Matthews, a feature-length generational portrait of the citizens and surrounding landscape of Westport, Mississippi, a community frequently ravaged by flood, haunted by lost memories. (2013, 64 min, digital) More details »

Tue 5/19/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Sound That: Recent Short Films

Kevin Jermone Everson appears in person to present a selection of works examining overlooked aspects of American life including Sugarcoated Arsenic, a fascinating archival re-enactment exploring African American intellectual, social, and political life at the University of Virginia during the 1970s (made with UVA colleague, historian Claudrena Harold) and the paired films Fe26 and Sound That, two divergent looks at work, employment, and the underground infrastructures and economies of Cleveland, Ohio. (2013/2014, 40 min, digital) More details »

Wed 5/20/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

The Plague Dogs

Prepare yourself for an overwhelming experience from the animators who brought us Watership Down. Told from the animals’ perspective, The Plague Dogs is the story of two dogs who escape from an animal research lab. Hoping for a better life, they are chased down by a government who spread rumors that they have the plague. (1982, 103 min, 35mm) More details »

Thu 5/21/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 5/24/15 4:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Lenny Cooke

In 2001, Lenny Cooke was the most hyped high school basketball player in the country, ranked above future greats LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. A decade later, Lenny has never played a minute in the NBA. This quintessentially American documentary tracks the unfulfilled destiny of a man for whom superstardom was just out of reach. (2013, 92 min, digital) More details »

Sun 5/24/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

Tommy Becker: Tape Number One/Passing Periods

Local artist Tommy Becker is a poet/musician trapped in a camcorder. His never-ending saga, Tape Number One, blends poetics, performance, costuming, found footage, and hand-made props, creating pop songs that wrap subtle menace with humor. Program opens with earlier tracks, including Song for the Pain-Body and Song for the Lemons, and presents Passing Periods: Reflections through a Classroom Window, a six-part subsection of Tape Number One exploring and celebrating the dynamics and complexities of the high school landscape, the cultural construct of the classroom, and more. (digital, 70 min + Q&A, 2013-2015) More details »

Fri 5/29/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room


Absolutely not for children, Felidae has never been released in the US, despite its claim as the most expensive animated film ever made in Germany at the time. A housecat named Francis moves into a new neighborhood and soon discovers there is a cat murderer on the loose. Combining elements of film noir, surrealism, and horror, it’s time for America to discover this one-of-a-kind film. English dubbed. (1994, 82 min, digital) More details »

Sat 5/30/15 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

The Secret of NIMH

With lush, shimmering animation reminiscent of Disney’s classic period, The Secret of NIMH tells the story of a mild-mannered mother mouse who must save her family from Farmer Fitzgibbon's plow. The film doesn’t talk down to a younger audience or smooth over its darker moments, but should be fine for kids who can handle strong suspense. (1982, 82 min, 35mm) More details »

Sun 5/31/15 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room