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Ideas: North and South of the Border
Mexico is an inventive, entrepreneurial, and avant-garde country in the fields of science, art, and culture. This section of the festival is a symbolic display of that innovative spirit. Featuring Horacio Franco, Andres Roemer, Jose Hernandez, Juana Alicia, Ranulfo Romo, Diana Gameros, and Rosario Marin. More details »

Latin Jazz with Héctor Infanzón and Percussion Ensemble Tambuco
Four-time Grammy nominees Tambuco and internationally renowned jazz pianist Héctor Infanzón light up the night with their smooth sounds and fascinating rhythms. More details »

Vicky Araico: <em>Juana in a Million</em>
Actress, dancer, and performer Vicky Araico took first prize at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 for her riveting solo performance Juana in a Million, about an illegal immigrant’s quest to find a place to belong. Directed by Nir Paldi. More details »
Sat 8/2/14 2:00PM YBCA Theater

Music with Natalia Lafourcade and Electronic Art by Murcof + Simon Geilfus (Antivj)
Singer, composer, and two-time Latin Grammy award-winner Natalia Lafourcade brings her production Mujer Divina to the stage in a double bill with composer Murcof in collaboration with artist and software developer Simon Geilfus, for an eclectic and energetic evening of contemporary music from Mexico. More details »
Sat 8/2/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater

60 Years of Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández
The festival closes with a spectacular performance by the world famous Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández—a symbol of Mexican culture worldwide—performing traditional and modern dance as well as music.  More details »
Sun 8/3/14 5:00PM YBCA Theater

Pather Panchali
Ray’s debut film is the story of a small boy, Apu, and his life with his impoverished Brahmin family in a rural Bengal village. Ravi Shankar (then unknown) provides the score. (1955, 122 min, 35mm) More details »
Thu 8/7/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sat 8/9/14 12:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sat 8/9/14 3:00PM YBCA Screening Room

Root Causes

The first night of the BAN7 Performance Festival, featuring jazz musician Sheldon Brown, spoken word artist and musician Rico Pabón, Lenora Lee Dance, and Brazilian dancer and choreographer Tania Santiago.

Thu 8/7/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum


Post:Ballet presents "Five High"

The company's fifth season program features the premiere of ourevolution, as well as two critically acclaimed collaborations—field the present shifts (2013) and Mine is Yours (2012).

ourevolution brings choreographer/director Robert Dekkers together with San Francisco-based painter Enrique Quintero. Set to a mesmerizing score by composer Nils Frahm, the work explores technology's ability to facilitate meaningful conversation between individuals and communities.

Back by popular demand is field the present shifts, featuring architects Robby Gilson and Catherine Caldwell, composer Matthew Pierce, and lighting designer David Robertson. The "Five High" program will also include Mine is Yours, with composer Daniel Berkman, vocalist Artemis, and costume designer Susan Roemer.

For more information, visit

"There are a few 'must-sees' every summer, and Post:Ballet is definitely one of them." —Heather Desaulniers, Critical Dance

Special events:
Thu, Aug 7:
Post-Performance Talk with Robert Dekkers and the 2014 dance artists and collaborators. Ticket holders are invited to this special event at no extra charge.

Fri, Aug 8: Kick back and Post:Party with our dance artists and collaborators. Purchase a Party Ticket for admission to our 2014 Post:Party.

Sat, Aug 9: Post-Performance Talk with Robert Dekkers and the 2014 dance artists and collaborators. Ticket holders are invited to this special event at no extra charge.

*Limited number of VIP Tickets available, includes:
-Backstage tour and toast with the artists (pre performance, 7 PM)
-Signed, framed photograph by David DeSilva
-Premium seating

Photo: Tricia Cronin

Thu 8/7/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Fri 8/8/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 8/9/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater

Creative Cocktails: A Workshop

Leah Johnston, YBCA’s resident tincture-maker and mixologist, will be leading a hands-on shrub-making workshop. Shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are aromatic infusions with a long legacy in American cocktail history, popular well before Tiki or the Corpse Reviver #2. There is a science to cocktails, but also a creative element involving many senses: visual, olfactory, gustatory. Cocktailing and tincture-making have room for a healing practice, geeky historical depth, and an integral, "use everything" approach to consumption. Join us to learn and make a new set of shrubs using herbs and fruits foraged in the East Bay hills. Walk away with your own aromatic infusion. Cocktails to be served.

Fri 8/8/14 6:30PM YBCA YAAW Lounge

In Search of Sound and Light

The second night of the BAN7 Performance Festival, featuring contemporary music group sfSound, vocalists Antique Naked Soul, piano duo ZOFO, and dance company RAWdance.

Fri 8/8/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum

Writing Workshop with Kevin Killian

Poetry can be a joyous activity as well as a conceptual one, and in our workshop we will try to harvest out of our emotions as well as explore, through formalism, the absolute limits of language systems. For example, Killian is particularly enchanted by the London-based, Australian-born pop singer Kylie Minogue, but everyone's got something they get excited about, and everyone brings with them, tied into our biologies like DNA, something of the string and beads on which poetry is constructed, so bring along your tools and memories. We will write together, read together, recite together, and act it all out. (Bring your notebook, bring a pen.)

Sat 8/9/14 2:00PM YBCA YAAW Lounge

Death Wish 3
His wife is murdered in Death Wish. His daughter gets it in Death Wish II. In Death Wish 3, Charles Bronson shows us what it means when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. (1985, 92 min, 35mm)
Sat 8/9/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Liberation Acts

The third night of the BAN7 Performance Festival, featuring dance theater artists Fog Beast, dancer and choreographer Latanya d. Tigner, spoken word artist Marvin K. White, and choreographer Katie Faulkner/little seismic dance company.

Sat 8/9/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum

Madame Freedom
The South Korean version of the precursor to today’s chick flicks—the women's melodrama. This one is a classic. (1956, 125 min, 35mm)
Sun 8/10/14 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

Early and Upward

The fourth night of the BAN7 Performance Festival, featuring Balinese dancer, musician and choreographer Kompiang Metri Davies, dancer and choreographer Christy Funsch, Native American interdisciplinary artist Eddie Madril/Sewam American Indian Dance, and choreographer Gregory Dawson.

Sun 8/10/14 5:00PM YBCA Forum

Apu and his parents move to the sacred city of Benares, hoping to build a new life. He grows up and moves to the swarming metropolis of Calcutta to attend university, but something unexpected happens back home. (1956, 106 min, 35mm) More details »
Thu 8/14/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 8/17/14 1:00PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 8/17/14 3:30PM YBCA Screening Room

The Pirates of Penzance

Let out a lusty “AAAARGH!” It’s time to carouse to one of the most popular comic operas of all time. This beloved tale of tender-hearted pirates with a soft spot for orphans and poetry, a squadron of bumbling British bobbies, a bookish Major-General well-versed in everything but military matters, and his bevy of beautiful maiden daughters, was the first Gilbert & Sullivan work to premiere in the United States, and marked the brilliant launch of the duo’s international career. With Sullivan’s rousing score and Gilbert’s hilarious lyrics, and peppered with unforgettable melodies and tongue-twisting songs such as I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General and Poor Wandering One, this show is guaranteed fun for the entire family!

Full details at or 415-227-4797.

Photo: Kersti Malvre Fine Art Photography

Thu 8/14/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Fri 8/15/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 8/16/14 2:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 8/16/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sun 8/17/14 2:00PM YBCA Theater

(Director in person) This weekend, MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS is proud to present six original and brand new 35mm/DCP prints along with the man himself, William Lustig, in person. Hosted by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks.

Friday Night
7 PM Maniac: Unrated Director's Cut
9 PM Vigilante
10:45 PM Hit List

Saturday Night
7 PM Maniac Cop
9 PM Maniac Cop 2
10:45 PM Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence
Fri 8/15/14 7:00PM YBCA Screening Room
Sat 8/16/14 7:00PM YBCA Screening Room

The Coup's Shadowbox

A concert/art show/experience piece. A collaboration between The Coup and street artist Jon-Paul Bail with production design by David Szlasa. This will be the full Coup funk/punk/dance party experience, plus much more, and brought to you differently than any other Coup show you've seen.

Sat 8/16/14 5:00PM YBCA Forum
Sat 8/16/14 9:00PM YBCA Forum

The World of Apu
In the final film of the trilogy, Apu is now an adult and suffers a tragedy. But, as always, things begin to change, and Apu rediscovers the joy of life. A glorious, uplifting tale of love and personal sacrifice. (1958, 103 min, 35mm) More details »
Thu 8/21/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 8/24/14 4:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 8/24/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Hell Without Limits (El Lugar Sin Límites)
Michael Guillén presents Hell Without Limits (El Lugar Sin Límites) by Arturo Ripstein COPY: (Director in person) Mexican filmmaker Arturo Ripstein's compassionate portrayal of La Manuela, a not-very-attractive, elderly, cross-dressing whorehouse flamenco dancer. (1978, 110 min, 35mm)
Sat 8/23/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

The Exile
Max Ophuls' The Exile overlays a familiar fable of the incognito prince in love with a commoner onto the historical exile of England's Charles II to Holland in the 1650s. (1947, 95 min, 35mm)
Sun 8/24/14 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

YBCA:You Summer Book Club

YOUers join resident bookworms Andi and Colin Winnette for this summer book club! Embedded in San Francisco’s literary scene, our co-hosts select books by local authors to complement YBCA's Bay Area Now 7 triennial. During the first hour (open to the public) catch a reading plus Q&A with the author in the Screening Room. At 3 PM, YOUers gather in the Youth Arts Lounge where our book club hosts facilitate a discussion with refreshments specifically curated in conjunction with the books.

September's book club selection is At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón. More details »

Sat 9/6/14 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

Life is an Opinion: Films by Mary Helena Clark and Karen Yasinsky

Mary Helena Clark and Karen Yasinsky in person.

With aesthetic interests in magic, illusionism, and deception, local filmmaker Mary Helena Clark creates films permeated with mysterious associations, ineffably assembled according to dream logics into fragmentary formations of distant or lost lives. This program includes Clark’s After Writing, Orpheus (outtakes), The Plant, and the U.S. premiere of The Dragon is the Frame. Recent films by Karen Yasinsky evidence a similar interest in the fragment, using puppetry, animation, cinematic quotation, and hints of narrative to trigger emotive positions of discomfort and empathy. Program includes Yasinski's Marie, The Lonely Life of Debby Adams, Audition, After Hours, and Life is an Opinion, Fire a FactMore details »

Sat 9/13/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Nobody likes Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk—they either hate him or love him. His movies aren't just dark; they're ugly, bleak, cheaply made, and just plain hard to watch. But they also explore human nature like few other movies do, and they win prizes for it. Come see what all the fuss is about. (2012, 104 min, digital)
Thu 9/18/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Garrett + Moulton Productions

Garrett + Moulton Productions presents The Luminous Edge

Award-winning choreographers Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton present the premiere of The Luminous Edge, an evening-length dance theater work that explores themes of transcendence, hope and rebirth. Featuring a cast of 24 dancers, 7 musicians, and renowned Bay Area singer Karen Clark, this deeply expressive and theatrical evening of music and dance celebrates the cycle of life, bringing the audience on a hauntingly beautiful journey through a landscape of light and dark.

For more information, visit

"...the work of Garrett and Moulton is not to be missed. It is creativity to the core.” (

Special Event:
Saturday, September 20th Post-Performance Benefit Reception
Join the artists for a celebratory champagne and dessert reception. Purchase a benefit ticket that includes both the performance and reception.

Photo: RJ Muna

Thu 9/18/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Fri 9/19/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 9/20/14 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sun 9/21/14 3:00PM YBCA Theater

Capacitor: Synaptic Motion

San Francisco's internationally acclaimed science and technology dance company, Capacitor, takes you multi-sensory journey through a larger-than-life neural forest with their unique cast of dancers, acrobats, contortionists, and aerialists.

Thu 9/18/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Fri 9/19/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Sat 9/20/14 5:00PM YBCA Forum
Sat 9/20/14 8:00PM YBCA Forum
Sun 9/21/14 2:00PM YBCA Forum
Sun 9/21/14 5:00PM YBCA Forum

Little Fugitive
Seven-year-old Joey, tricked into thinking he has shot his brother, runs off to Coney Island, convinced he can never return home, and a gentle, bittersweet adventure begins. (1953, 80 min, 35mm)
Sun 9/21/14 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room

The Brides of Dracula
This early entry in Hammer Films' famous Dracula horror cycle balances sumptuous Gothic atmosphere with full-tilt vampire action, and remains a fan favorite to this day. (1960, 85 min, 35mm)
Thu 9/25/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Sol LeWitt
"Conceptual artists leap to conclusions logic cannot reach," said Sol LeWitt in a rare interview from 1974. Notoriously camera-shy, LeWitt refused awards and rarely granted interviews, yet in this sensitive cinematic portrait the pioneering conceptual American artist comes alive. LeWitt’s artwork can be seen as obsession pushed to the limit of paradox and absurdity: simple ideas, communicated simply — often with a set of instructions sent by fax — lead to overwhelming visual and intellectual complexity. Using extensive interviews and documentation of artwork installed around the world, this excellent documentary explores the artist’s work and philosophy. (2013, 72 min, digital) More details »

Sat 9/27/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 9/28/14 2:00PM YBCA Screening Room
Sun 9/28/14 4:00PM YBCA Screening Room

A Criminal Account of Pleasure: The George Kuchar Reader

Bay Area treasure George Kuchar — sorely missed since his untimely death in 2011 — is celebrated worldwide for his wild and wooly low-budget melodramas and voluminous meandering video diaries. Tonight we celebrate Primary Information’s publication of The George Kuchar Reader, an expansive 340-page compendium of the legendary raconteur’s writings, ramblings, recommendation letters, scripts, UFO visitation narratives, and more. The book’s editor (and Anthology Film Archives’ Curator of Collections), Andrew Lampert, appears in person to read excerpts and discuss this legend. Program will include a screening of Kuchar’s 16mm Corruption of the Damned and select video works to be announced. More details »

Sat 10/18/14 7:30PM YBCA Screening Room

Champagne Gala and Auction

The Lamplighters present the most uproarious fun(d)raiser in town! A full-length original satire set (mostly) to the music of Arthur Sullivan, a Lamplighters Gala is a guaranteed afternoon of hilarity. Last year’s — Upside-Downton Abbey, or, the Lass that Loved a Chauffeur — was one of our most successful ever, joining the ranks of brilliant award-winning Lamplighters Galas past. This is definitely an event not to be missed! Our fundraising Gala performance also includes raffle, silent auction, and post-performance champagne reception with the cast.

Silent Auction starts at 3 PM. Full details at or 415-227-4797.

Photo: Lamplighters Music Theatre

Sun 11/2/14 4:00PM Palace of Fine Arts Theatre


Come along for the ride on this madcap odyssey around the world, set to the sublime music of that quintessential modern American master, Leonard Bernstein, and the brilliant lyrics of Richard Wilbur and Stephen Sondheim (among others). As classic in the realm of operetta as West Side Story is in the realm of American musical theatre, our production presents this masterpiece in the complete British Royal National Theatre version as adapted for the stage by Trevor Nunn and John Caird. Join young Candide, his beloved Cunegonde, the absurdly optimistic philosopher Pangloss, and a virtual clown car of other eccentric characters on their picaresque journey in search of the meaning of life. Along the way, enjoy such timeless masterpieces as The Best of All Possible Worlds, Glitter and Be Gay, I Am Easily Assimilated, and Make Our Garden Grow.

Full details at or 415-227-4797.

Photo: David Allen

Fri 1/30/15 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 1/31/15 2:00PM YBCA Theater
Sat 1/31/15 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sun 2/1/15 2:00PM YBCA Theater

The Grand Duke

In this ultimate topsy-turvy farce, Gilbert presents a world turned upside-down when a theatrical troupe deposes the ruler of a tiny European Duchy and proceeds to squabble over which “role” in the government each leading actor should “play,” with uproarious unforeseen consequences. Sullivan's varied and original score includes an astonishing variety of musical styles, from Viennese waltz to uproarious Parisian can-can dance numbers. This Jewel Box Production promises to be a must-see event for Gilbert & Sullivan aficionados and lovers of comic musical theatre alike.

Full details at or 415-227-4797.

Photo: Joanne Kay

Sat 4/25/15 8:00PM YBCA Theater
Sun 4/26/15 2:00PM YBCA Theater